The Basic Moves

The number one rule of the game is this; to do it, do it.

That means that when you do what it says to do on a move, you always roll that move. No ifs ands or buts about it. And it also means that you can’t make a roll without saying what you’re doing.

For example, if you say you’re going to push someone out of the way, the correct response from the ST is “OK. Roll+Physical.” But if you didn’t really want to do that, it’s perfectly okay to say “Oh! Well, fuck that, I’ll find a way around.” It’s not OK to say “Can’t I just do it without rolling?”

By the same turn, if you say “I manipulate him,” then the proper response from the ST is “What? How?” And then you say something like “Oh! Sorry! I meant to say, I turn around seductively, raise and eyebrow and tell him that if he gets me the keys it might be worth his while.” Then the ST can say “Oh! Okay! Roll+Social.”

For future reference, when a move says to Roll+a stat, it means roll 2d6, add them together, and then add the value of your stat to the result. +1 Forward means add an additional +1 to the next move you make. +1 Ongoing means add +1 to all moves, indefinitely. Sometimes these bonuses are conditional, for example, “Take +1 Forward to your next Social Roll.” Sometimes a move will give you a penalty, rather than a bonus: minus 1 forward or minus 1 ongoing.

The Basic Moves: All characters gain the following:
*Act Under Fire: When you try to do something you’re totally unqualified for, relying more on your raw ability than any particular skill, the MC will tell you which is most appropriate to roll+, Social, Mental, or Physical. On a 10+, you manage to do it. On a 7-9, you freeze up, flinch, or hesitate. The ST will offer you a worse outcome, a tough choice, or a hard bargain.
-—-As a general note, if you want someone to do something for you, you have to tell them what you want them to do. Attempts at intimidation generally fall under +Social no matter how bad you beat them up. If you try to fight somebody, you’re probably gonna sustain some damage as well, unless you have special protection.

*Resist Frenzy: When you are Forced to Resist Frenzy, Roll+Humanity.
On a 10+ choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1.
-You don’t try to Feed on the Nearest Creature until they’re dry.
-You don’t try to Flee at top speed away from the nearest scary thing.
-You’re able to direct your Frenzy towards a single task (keeping in mind what the Beast is capable of).
On a Miss, the MC will tell you where you wake up, and a fuzzy, vague description of what you did… (Note: actions taken in Frenzy count against your humanity as surely as if you did them intentionally)
-—————-Most of the time when you Frenzy, the MC will just tell you what happens when you wake up, but on rare occasions where you’ve directed your frenzy in a certain direction, Roll+Beast in place of all other Mortal Stats.

*Whenever you lose a blood point and it brings you to less than half of your Max Blood Pool, Roll to resist Frenzy.

*Feeding: When you Feed, Roll+Beast. On a 10+, you receive 2 Blood Points from your vessel. On a 7-9, you receive 1. If you attempt to stop Feeding before you are at more than half your Pool, Roll to resist Frenzy. Most Humans can be drained of three blood points before they risk death.

*When you Feed on a Mortal, they are overcome by a helpless ecstasy known as the Kiss and cannot fight back.

*When you are close to an animal (not necessarily if they can perceive you), they become spooked, to varying levels. If you attempt to calm them down or evade their notice, Roll+Humanity to Act Under Fire.

Notes on the Stats

Mortal Stats: Mental, Physical, Social (One at -1, One at 0, and One at +1)
-1=below average for a mortal.
0=On par with most human beings.
1=An exceptionally skilled human being.
2=The peak of human achievement.
3=A Master even among the supernatural.

Blood Pool: A pool of points (with a maximum based on Generation) that can be spent for a variety of effects (healing, boosting Mortal stats, and activating disciplines), but when you get too low you risk frenzy, and the only way to refuel is to Feed. Most characters start with a Max Blood Pool of 2.
Spend Blood for one of the following effects:
-Heal a Lethal Damage Segment
-Heal 2 Bashing Damage Segments
-Heal 1 Aggravated Damage Segment if you take a full day’s rest.
-Increase the Result of a Mortal Stat test by 1 level (from 6 or less to 7-9, or from 7-9 to 10+, or from 10+ to 12+)

Beast: A stat representing how much your inner Monster has taken hold. After character creation, as Beast goes up, Humanity goes down. Most of the time when you Frenzy, the MC will just tell you what happens when you wake up, but on rare occasions where you’ve directed your frenzy in a certain direction, Roll+Beast in place of all other Mortal Stats. In addition, many Disciplines call for you to Roll+Beast. Most characters start with a Beast of 1.

Humanity: A stat representing how strongly you cling to the ideals of your former life. As Humanity goes down, Beast goes up. Most characters begin play with a Humanity of 1 (this is the level of a normal human being). For each point of Humanity you possess at Character Creation, detail an Intimacy. These are people (or animals, or objects), specific ones, not vague or general, from your Human life, that you care about and have maintained a connection to through the Embrace.
* -Humanity -1: At this level, you have completely succumbed to the beast, becoming a ravenous, mindless monster driven only by the need to feed. Consider your character retired, boss.
* -Humanity 0: At this level, Mortals immediately get the wiggens whenever you’re around and know that something’s not right. Sometimes you forget to breath… Or blink… Only the most debased or intimate of atrocities threaten your Humanity…
*-Humanity 1: At this level you can blend in with humans fairly easily. You try to be a good person, but sometimes the speed limit is too damn slow. Doing things like murder and theft threaten your Humanity.
* -Humanity 2: At this level you are almost more humane than most humans… Allowing others to do things like murder or theft threatens your humanity.
* -Humanity 3: This is an ideal that few are ever able to reach… You are on par with the Saints, but even innocuous selfish acts threaten your humanity.
* -Humanity 4+: At this level, even selfish thoughts threaten your Humanity.

*Damage: By default, Vampire character have 5 damage boxes (Mortals have 3). A Bashing box is a slash (this is minor damage that can’t kill you). A Lethal Box is an X (this is damage that can kill Humans but just sends Vamps into Torpor). An Aggravated Box is filled in (this is supernatural damage, which can even give Vampires Final Death).
Mortals: Fine _ / _ _
Vampires: _ _ / _ _ _
Damage taken after the slash indicates that you take -1 Ongoing due to injury.

The Basic Moves

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