Creating your Kindred and Gaining XP

James Brown’s Guide to Being a Vampire:

It’s not easy being an immortal creature of darkness. All the tough talk, angsty brooding, and good intentions in the world won’t save you from your final fate (or will they?) and most Kindred know it, deep down. Kindred, as a certain brujah would say, is our word for Vampire. There are a lot of terms and creatures and politics in this crazy world of Darkness, and it can get quite confusing, but rest assured; you’ll get the hang of it at about the same rate as your shiny new vampire.

The following will help you go about creating the perfect Child of Caine:

  • 1) Inspiration: Start to think about the type of person your character was before being Embraced and how the Embrace has affected them afterwards. If you’re uncertain of a character you’d like to play, looking to your favorite books, games, and movies can be a great way to find inspiration. If you’re still uncertain, then you can skip this step and maybe it’ll come to you along the way.
  • 2) Mortal Stats: Is your character, by nature, more strong and healthy, wise and intellectual, or gregarious and confident? Your character has three stats to represent these things: Physical, Mental, and Social. Rate one stat at +1, one stat at 0, and one stat at negative 1. For more on what these stats do, see The Basic Moves.
  • 3) Background: This is who your character was in life. It provides a series of a moves and sometimes a new Stat, as well as a new Drive (way to gain XP). Newly-turned Vampires tend to start out more closely defined by their mortal lives, become more vampiric (and more like thier clan of choice) over time. Your Clan will have some recommendations as to common backgrounds, but you can choose any from the list that you like (or suggest a new one) found at Mortal Backgrounds.
  • 4)Vampiric Stats: Vampires have three main stats: Beast (how much they’ve given into their primal hunger, used for many Vampire Powers), Humanity (how much they cling to humanistic ideals, and the stat which determines how long before they succumb to their Beast entirely), and Blood Pool (how much Blood they can hold at a given time). Rate one at 3, one at 2, and one at 1. For more on what these stats mean, see The Basic Moves. For each point you start off with in Humanity, detail 1 Intimacy. An Intimacy is a specific person, place, or object from your character’s mortal life that they still care about. All Vampires have a Generation, representing how far removed they are from Caine, with lower generations being more powerful; to determine generation, Roll 1d6. On a 1-2, you are Gen 13. On a 3-4, you are Gen 12. On a 5, you are Gen 11. On a 6, you are Gen 10. Camarilla Kindred also have Status, but this starts at 0 for everyone (meaning that you are Acknowledged but nothing more).
  • 5) Clan: Choose the Clan (type of Vampire) that your character was Embraced into. By default, your character is a member of a vampire sect known as the Camarilla. The Camarilla are a group of vampires who work together (and sometimes against one another) to uphold certain laws governing all Kindred—most importantly, that of the Masquerade, hiding their vampiric nature from Mortals. As such, by default, you can play as a Brujah, Gangrel (not technically members of the Camarilla, but still respected), Malkavian, Nosferatu. Toreador, Tremere, or Ventrue. The Clan you choose will give you your character’s main Drives (more on that later), as well as determine which Disciplines (or Vampire Powers) they can start out with. Your character does not start with any special Clan Moves, so Clan may not seem like a big deal now, but as your character progresses, it will begin to define your character more and more.
  • 6) Disciplines: To start, your character knows three Basic Disciplines from their Clan; you may divide these as you see fit, so you could have two in one and one in another, or one in each.
  • 7) Influence: To start, your character has two points of Tagged Influence. Influence is your pull in various aspects of society. For more on Influence, see Influence and Status.
  • 8) Finishing Touches: Now that your character sheet is filled out, take some time to think about who your character is. What is he or she like? Are there any oddities that set him/her apart? In what ways does your character live up to the stereotypes of their Clan? In what ways do they defy them? Does your character still interact with anyone from their mortal life? Does your character have any long-term goals? What about more immediate concerns? What reason does your character have to interract with the other PCS? Speaking of that, each clan has a series of Histories to choose from to represent how you’ve interracted with the other PCs in the past. Divide them among your fellows as you see fit. In addition, the ST will ask you questions. Answer them.

Gaining XP
Characters gain XP primarily through their Drives. A Drive is a certain action or condition that, whenever it comes about, generates 1 XP. Drives are generally gained through Clan and Backgrounds. In addition to the basic Drives, all Kindred have the following Vampiric drives, which generate 5XP rather than the usual 1. These are potent means to power, but be warned; nearly all of these actions will result in a loss of Humanity.
-The first time you Feed from a Human being.
-The first time you Feed from a Human being until death.
-The first time (per intimacy) you destroy, injure, or attack an Intimacy.
-Whenever you Diablerize (drink the Blood and Soul of…) a fellow Kindred. When you do so, also Roll to Resist Frenzy. This is addictive, and it may cause your Generation to be lowered.

Spending XP
1 XP: A single point of tagged Influence, one and done.
3 XP: A new Basic clan Discipline (+1XP if out of clan, and someone needs to teach you)
6 XP: New Intermediate Clan Discipline
9 XP: New Advanced Clan Discipline
5 XP: A new Clan Move.

Creating your Kindred and Gaining XP

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