“A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonettes” (attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte).
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Brujah (Potence, Celerity, Presence): This world sucks. Let’s make a new one. Blood and iron, bitches.
Weakness: When you are Intimidated or Insulted (or just think you are), Roll to Resist Frenzy.

For more on the Clan, check out the following:
-WW’s “Brujah Clanbook”
-“Lost Boys”
-Spike from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
-”From now on, we’re gonna have a little less ritual… And a little more fun around here!”

Recommended Backgrounds: Academic, Biker, Gangster, buffy

Clan Drives (These are things for you to keep track of; maybe tell the MC, but you have final say on what counts):
* -When you Debate a topic for the first time, Mark XP.
* -When you bring an authority figure down a peg, Mark XP.
* -When you lose your temper in a tangible way (shouting, breaking stuff, etc) Mark XP.
* -When you help out a fellow Brujah, Mark XP.
* -When you attempt to convince someone of a strong belief you hold for the first time, Mark XP.

Clan Moves:
* -Scholars of Old: Gain the Academic Background OR 1 Academics.
* -Don’t Label Me!: Gain a Clan Move from another Clan.
* -Daredevil: When you are outnumbered in a fight, take +1 Ongoing. When you attempt a suicidal stunt, Mark XP.
* -Bruiser: Gain the move “Go Aggro” on +Social. Gain +1 Physical.
Go Aggro: When you tell someone what you want them to do and what’ll happen if they don’t (which is to say, almost certainly violence), Roll
Social. On a 10+, they choose; either do what you want or force your hand. On a 7-9, they can tell you what they think you want to hear, give you something they think you want, back way slowly with their hands where you can see them, or get the fuck out of your way.
*-Ambassador of Whup: Deal 1 Harm, always (you can’t turn this off).
* -Compassionate: Take +1 Humanity. When you help an innocent, Mark XP.
* -Fiery Passion: When you speak passionately before a crowd, Roll
Social. On a 10+, Hold 3. On a 7-9, Hold 1. Spend Hold to:
-———- -Draw the crowd to a frenzy of Violence, Emotion, or Debate.
-———- -Make someone in the crowd see your side on a single issue.
-———- -Make someone in the crowd do you a single favor.
-———- -Make someone in the crowd freeze up.
* -Berzerk: You may Choose to enter Frenzy. When you do so, Roll to Resist, but Hold 1 more than usual, even on a Miss.
* -Revolutionary: When you publicly speak out against an authority figure, Hold+1. Spend Hold as untagged Influence, but only to oppose that Authority.
* -Big Boss: You’ve got a group of people who follow your lead. So long as you stand as their uncontested leader, they grant you Influence at the start of each session of play. Detail them (By default you have around 10 mortals or 3 Vampires).
-———- -Gang (2 Street Influence)
-———- -Groupies (
1 Street, 1 High Society)
-———- -Mooks (
1 Street, 1 Underworld)
-———- -Students (
1 Street, 1 University)
-———- -Vamps (
1 of either Camarilla, Sabbot, or Anarch Status for the session. This is a “phantom level” meaning that it doesn’t actually grant you a new title; instead, people just treat you as if you had one. Note that possessing status of a type other than Camarilla WILL cause a shitstorm to head your way)
* -Call to Arms: When you make it known that a fight is brewing and it’s dire, Roll+Status. On a 10+, all the city’s Brujah show up, armed, at your aid. On a 7-9, a few Brujah (maybe just one) who are available got your back. On a Miss, you fuckin’ bugged us for that?
* -Shakedown: When you make a sudden show of force, such as breaking a window with a baseball bad or throwing a glass into the TV, Roll+Beast. On a 10+, Hold 3 with those present. On a 7-9, Hold 1. So long as you possess Hold, take 1 Ongoing to act against those present. Those present can spend your Hold, 1 for 1, by:
-———- -Doing what you say.
-———- -Giving you something they think you want.
-———- -Fleeing.
* -Potent Destruction (Requires Potence 1
and Shakedown): When you make a show of your superhuman strength, add a 12+ result to Shakedown: no one present can act until you do.
* -Frightening Presence (Requires Presence 2+ and Bruiser): Your Gen counts as being 2 Higher for the purpose of Frightful Visage.

Presence: The Discipline of Supernatural Charisma
* 1-Awe: You gain access to the Manipulate/Seduce move, rolling + the higher of Beast or Social.
* 2-Dread Gaze: When you bare your fangs and reveal your vampiric nature, Spend 1 Blood. If they are lower/equal in Gen than you, NPCs Flee at top speed as best they are able (or else cower), and PCs must roll to Resist Frenzy.
* 3-Entrancement: Spend a Blood to act as though you had Leverage on a Manipulate/Seduce attempt, regardless of whether or not you do. Spend a Blood to have your target ask for nothing in return.
* 4-Summon: Spend 1 Blood and whisper someone’s name. NPCs of equal/lower gen come to you as best they can. PCs mark XP if they do.
* 5-Majesty: When you empower your aura of Majesty, Spend 1 Blood. No one of lower/equal gen can ignore you, attack you, or act against you, unless you act against them first. This lasts as long as they are aware of you or you release the effect.

Celerity (Supernatural Speed):
* 1-Alacrity: When someone or something starts to take action against you, you may spend a point of Blood to make a single (physical) move before it happens. For example, if someone pulled a gun on you, you could attempt to knock the gun out of their hands before they fire.
* 2-Swiftness: By expending a point of Blood, you may perform one of the following feats;
-———- -Running twice as fast as a normal human would be able to.
-———- -Performing a physical task (such as digging a hole) in half the time it would take a normal human.
* 3-Rapidity: By expending a point of Blood, you may give any weapon you wield the “autofire” or “area” tags for a single attack.
* 4-Legerity: By expending a point of Blood, you may perform one of the following feats (this replaces Swiftness):
* -Running twice as fast as a vampire using Swiftness.
-Performing a physical task (such as digging a hole) in half the time it would take a vampire using Swiftness.
* -Putting out a flame with your speed, or running through one so quickly that you don’t get hurt.
* 5-Fleetness: When making a test related to speed or reflexes, you may spend a Blood point to count as though you had gotten the next highest result level (6- to 7-9, 7-9 to 10+, 10+ to 12+).

Potence: Supernatural Strength
* 1-Prowess: Whenever you would take -1 forward on a Feat of Strength, don’t. Your bare hands can, at your option, do L damage.
* 2-Might: You may spend a Blood to perform one of the following Feats of Strength:
* -Lift something the size of a car.
-Act on equal terms with something superhumanly strong, such as a gorilla, or a Mob.
* 3-Vigor: When you attempt to destroy an obstacle before you, Roll+Beast+Physical. On a hit, it is destroyed. On a 10+, take +1 forward.
* 4-Intensity: Spend a Blood, whenever you’d fail a test of strength, count as though you’d gotten a 7-9 result.
* 5-Puissance: add the following options as Feats of Strength (see Might):
* -Lift something the size of a house.
-Act on equal terms with something supernaturally strong, such as a Dragon.
** -Deal an extra damage with any weapon you wield (including fists).


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